Top 10 Best Fun Things to Do at Jacksonville


Jacksonville is one of the happening places in Florida, and there are so many attractions in the place to have fun and spend quality time. While some of the attractions are quite modern to keep the young generation captivated, the beach, the river, and cultural mystiques are simply unavoidable. If you are heading to Jacksonville to spend your vacation, the following is the list of the top 10 best fun things to do at Jacksonville.

Hit The Beach

Jacksonville’s public beaches are the most popular places to be in. There is no time restriction, and you can relax yourself anytime you want. The main beach which is also known as Jacksonville Beach is popular for its 1000-feet fishing pier. Whatever you do in a day, a casual visit to the beach is a must.

Hit The Beach

Observe Animals At Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Somewhere down the line, we like to watch animals of different types as they are quite rear to see in daily life. Therefore, zoological gardens are always a special attraction. The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is a very clean place to be in with an abundance of wildlife and beautiful flower plants to make your mood bright and better instantly.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Jacksonville Landing

Jacksonville is incomplete without its St. John’s River. It is the lifeline of the place, and you can walk alongside the water line in the evening or early morning for a memorable experience. Besides, there are arrangements for boat riding and dining. A dinner is a must overlooking the calm and composed river and its surrounding beauties. There are so many special events held around it.

Friendship Fountain

It is undoubtedly the unique attraction of Jacksonville, and if you are going with your partner, it is an ideal place for a beautiful date. It is surely going to captivate your mind, and some find it more attractive than the beaches.

Friendship Fountain

The Museum Of Science and History

Not everyone is excited by the thoughts of visiting a museum, but this is a unique place to be in. It is sure to be very exciting, and you won’t regret spending a few hours. If you have kids, they are going to enjoy it thoroughly. There are so many varieties of exhibits, a mind-blowing planetarium, and a rotating exhibit. Apart from these, there are dinosaurs of the deep and ice age mammals.

The Museum Of Science and History

Biking or Horse Riding The Rail Trail

The Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail is a 15-mile track that runs through an oak forest. Therefore, it is needless to mention that its beauty is going to captivate your mind forever. You can enjoy the trail and its surrounding beauty by biking, jogging, and most preferred horse riding.

Horse Riding The Rail Trail


A casual walk through Riverside-Avondale is a mandatory thing. There are many attraction points for shopping, eating, and appreciating the overall culture and traditions of the place. The history is well-preserved, and there are gardens and others to blow your mind.


The Museum of Contemporary Arts

If you are an art lover, this is a heaven for you. In fact, it has made a lot of people appreciate art more after they visited the place. It is one of the largest contemporary art galleries in the world, and you should definitely give it a visit to refresh your mind.

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Amelia Island

Nearly 30 miles away from Jacksonville proper town, it is a special attraction for families. You will definitely remember the time you spend here for your lifetime. It is simply the perfect place to relax and spend the ultimate quality time with food, recreation, and beautiful atmosphere and weather.

Amelia Island

Local Foods

Any vacation without quality food is incomplete. Apart from the delicious version of the regular yet popular food items, you must also try the local food. Some of the popular food joints are Engine 15, Bold City Brewing all of which are known for different breweries.

jacksonville Local Foods

Hope you have noted these top 10 best fun things to do at Jacksonville to make the most out of your vacation here.

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